DotNetNuke currently renamed as DNN is an ASP.NET based content management system. DNN is the most preferred CMS for ASP.NET developers and is the best for your website or enterprise web solution. DNN has the advantage of being an open source system, and hence the code is open for anyone to maneuver with ease. It also allows the CMS system to quickly evolve to meet various business needs. In addition to its ASP.NET base and open-source, there are several advantages of using DNN as your website’s CMS. Here is why DNN should be your content management framework:

⟩⟩ Unmatched security

DNN has proven to provide exceptionally strong inbuilt security system. For example, User security is based on groups. Each user group is provided with its own permissions. All the users can be assigned to one of these groups. While the other popular CMSs require you to install a third-party plugins or modules or applications to achieve similar level of user permissions and security, the DNN has a security model built into its basic architecture. This makes DNN one of the most secure CMS in the market.

⟩⟩ Ultimate flexibility

As, DNN is based on ASP.NET, it is extremely extensible with custom modules. It can be easily integrated with virtually any business application, especially the Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP applications.

⟩⟩ Portal based architecture

The portal based architecture of DNN allows you to run many websites on just one DNN CMS installation. This will be beneficial if you need to run few intranet sites as well as your company website.

⟩⟩ Great for applications or intranets

Because of its flexible customizable code base and architecture, DNN can be a great host for web apps or intranet sites. This is helpful for businesses that want to manage many different apps on one CMS platform.

⟩⟩ Simple content editing and creation

DNN makes content management easy for you with its robust and rich text editor to create great content. For larger teams, content workflows can be put into place for permission setting and approval management.

⟩⟩ Advanced features

The features of DNN, whether inbuilt or with third party modules, can be extremely powerful for businesses of all sizes. User management, email marketing, document management, multilingual ability, blog management, and several other modules are included to help your business in several ways.


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