In today’s era, a stylish, powerful and user friendly website is the mirror of one’s ideas, content, and line of work. Whether you are a business tycoon or a humble start-up or a blogger, a rugged website is essential and effective to project yourselves and your line of work. Twinkle Ventures is a one stop destination for all your online needs and we work with the sole aim of customer satisfaction. We at Twinkle Ventures are equipped with both the skill set and the experience required to build a reliable, robust and elegant website which are mobile first and responsive in nature to expand your business beyond boundaries. Mobile first along with social media integration and blogs allows businesses and organizations to direct the targeted audience or prospective clients to the fast loading elegant website.

We align closely with our clients to understand their business needs and goals, and with it we define the scope of the project. Based on the scope, we set a mutually agreeable plan and the timeline. Our choice of design and technology is based on the purpose and scope of the website. We assure to deliver a website that would be unique, creative, and will represent exactly your business and brand personality.

Highlights of our website design and development

⟩⟩ Responsive & Mobile ready

Today’s surfers use variety of devices for their online requirement. A responsive website is one that has been designed to respond, or adapt, based on the size of the screen used by the visitors to see the website. Responsive web design is the approach that suggests that design and development should respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

At Twinkle Ventures we design and develop robust and elegant websites which are mobile first and responsive in nature. Our design and development start with the responsive multi-device nature in mind. Whether it is a desktop computer or a tablet or a smart phone, your website will render with clearly visible content, friendly to read and navigate irrespective of the size of the device used to view it.

⟩⟩ User experience first

Usability and intuition form the basis of great website design. At Twinkle Ventures our top priority is to design an elegant website that is user friendly. We understand and foresee the different problems our users could face and have the skill-set and expertise to eliminate all of the same.

⟩⟩ Web development technologies

We are experts in multiple web development technologies including HTML5, PHP, .NET, JavaScript and jQuery programming languages, MS SQL Server and MySQL databases, CSS 3 and Bootstrap user interface design.

We choose the technology which best suites our client’s need.

⟩⟩ Robust CMS

The most unique of our services is the CMS used for the web design. A content management system otherwise called as CMS is a software application that is used to manage web content. A good CMS provides the flexibility and avenues to present content in many interesting ways. We use CMS as a foundation for your website that will help you to get a cost-efficient website.

Our choice of CSM systems are WordPress for Linux hosting and DNN for Microsoft IIS hosting. These CMS frameworks are one among the popular, robust and flexible in the industry.

⟩⟩ Tracking & analysis enabled

We can integrate Google Analytics for tracking your website usage and analyze the data in-depth. It provides valuable insights on what people do when they visit your website, what pages do they visit and how long they are staying on your website. You can even get the information about age, gender, interests, devices, and location of the people who are visiting your website. These details can help you to shape the success strategy of your business using the website.

We can help you to create an account on Google Analytics website, so as you can review your website’s traffic and usage any time you like.

⟩⟩ Basic SEO enabled

SEO is the technique of optimizing your website for search engines. Even though a website’s listing position in search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo is not guaranteed, we can do some basic optimizations in your website, so as it may not be ignored by search engines.

At Twinkle Ventures will follow and implement the basic technical SEO best practices during the development stage itself. Here are few of the best practices we follow:

  • Mobile friendliness.
  • Optimized navigation & site structure.
  • Optimized URL structure.
  • Canonical URLs.
  • Breadcrumb menus.
  • Optimized 404 page.
  • Optimized robots.txt.
  • XML Sitemap.
  • SSL & HTTPS (Recommended).
  • Registering the website in webmaster tools.

⟩⟩ Conversion optimized

Conversion with respect to a website is when a visitor completes a desired action, such as pressing a call-to-action button to contact the company, signing up for newsletter, filling out a form, sharing the website content in social media, making a purchase, etc… Website conversion is an important marketing strategy.

We will take every effort to make your website’s conversion rate as high as possible by placing call-to-action buttons in important page elements and stands out.

⟩⟩ Social media integrated

Your website and social media should work together to promote your brand online. We can integrate your business’s social network in your website so as to make it easy for the website visitors to follow your social networks and share interesting articles from your website. This will help to make your business popular online and provide updates and information to your visitors on a regular basis.

⟩⟩ Secure

Securing your websites from hackers is vital. Business owners often believe they won’t get hacked because their websites are smaller. On the contrary, even smaller websites are commonly get hacked for exploiting the website visitors, stealing data from the hosted server, black-hat SEO, spamming with comments and defacement. We take every effort to secure the website by adding spam protection and brute force attack protection.